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Cats and Dogs Love Bacon, Time for Animal Bacon Video Madness

If you are like me, all you probably want to do today, on New Year’s Day weekend (an official Holiday weekend here in the Republic), is rest and relax. Not think about anything too hard. Not read anything too distressing. Just start the New Year’s on a good note, you know? So I’ve decided we should just sit back today and enjoy some bacon and pets videos on youtube.

Now, before we begin, I have to say this: you probably shouldn’t be feeding your dog or cat bacon. The little guys have very different digestion systems than us humans, so they could get sick from eating it. And if you want to feed them something bacon-flavoured, there’s plenty of pet foods on the market that are properly constituted for them.

That being said, pet videos are always good for a laugh or two. And when I see dogs begging for bacon – man, I know how they feel.

Mojo the cat loves bacon

We’re an equal opportunity website, so I thought I’d point out some good cats-going-crazy-for-bacon youtube videos. In this one, a British gentleman likes to get his cat Mojo to climb up his body whenever he’s cooking some bacon. I think I suddenly respect cats a lot more than dogs. A dog would have just kept standing on his hind legs for three minutes. Cats think outside the litterbox.

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Funny Bacon Ads From Around the World

Bacon doesn’t really need any advertising. It pretty much just advertises itself. But I still like to watch bacon advertisements cause a) they are about bacon and b) they are usually pretty funny. So with that in mind, here are some of the funniest bacon ads on Youtube.

Village Inn

A slow-starter, this one has a good payout. I really like the sound of the scream. I could probably watch this one a few dozen times just for the scream. It also really speaks to me because I’m often making talking bacon faces on my breakfast plate.

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Bacon Insanity Songs

Saturday is when we like to go a little crazy. For this week’s instalment of Youtube Insanity, we decided to look at all of the bacon songs out there.

Bacon, unsurprisingly, is a popular subject for songs. Much like romantic love and heartbreak, bacon is one of the few things that can unite all of us as human beings. So there is a lot of music to go through, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. Here’s just a selection of the stuff that caught my eye (or ear). Continue reading this article…

Bacon Youtube Insanity: Hover Bacon

Bacon is a powerful food. It can make you do some great things. But sometimes it can also make you do some strange stuff. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of the strangest of strange bacon videos on the Internet: Hover Bacon.

Hover Bacon

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What Happens When Bacon is Taken Away From Us Involuntarily?

This should give you a chuckle.

As we’ve demonstrated in previous articles, the relationship between bacon and some people can be an inseparable bond. If you’re like me (as I’m sure more than a few of you are seeing as this is a site created by bacon lovers for bacon lovers), then I’m sure you wouldn’t want something dear to your heart taken away from you involuntarily.

Eight year old ‘King Curtis’ shares your sentiments.

In an August 2009 episode of the popular ‘Wife Swap’ series, Curtis openly and vibrantly displays his unhappiness with his mother’s (for the week) decision to rid the house of bacon and other foods she deems unnecessary to his diet. Just have a look at the clip linked below:

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Top 3 Bacon Inspired Funnies

The other day I heard a funny joke:

“Knock knock! Who’s there? Lettuce. Lettuce Who? Lettuce in and we’ll tell you!”

Pretty funny right? Right? I thought so too – but then I got thinking. What would really make a good joke? Not one where I’d chuckle and that’d be that, but a joke whereby the entire universe as we know it would be turned topsy-turvy, neutrons would split, and people from all over the land would be able to unite and laugh at this joke’s glory.

And then it came to me.

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Bacon Tragedy

Bacon Tragedy can happen at any moment. Safety Sergeant Patrick Tumms shows how to avoid such a horrible tragedy. Did you know keeping you bacon to close to the edge almost gaurentees a bacon tragedy? Safety Sergeant Patrick Tumms shows us a few tips in how to avoid this bacon doom.
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Bacon Theft

Safety Sergeant Patrick Tumms is back from the Republic of Bacon. Do you know how to keep your glorious bacon safe from a vicious predator? Don’t worry about it, Patrick Tumms knows how to help you out.  Watch his video below to learn the many useful tactics and safety procedures.

Republic of Bacon Anthem

All hail the Republic of Bacon!