How to Camp with Bacon

With the weather warming up, it’s time to start thinking about doing things outside: sitting out with friends on a patio, going to the beach and playing some outdoor sports. For us Canadians, summer also means that we can start thinking about taking advantage of the great outdoors that are on our doorstep, and going camping. But camping, while fun, can be a pain in the butt. After all, without a proper stove, how do you cook your bacon? Today, we’re going to come to your rescue with some helpful hints on how to prepare the best camping bacon.

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The Best Bacon-Related Gifts on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find one of a kind gifts. And you know that whatever you buy from Etsy isn’t going to pad some big retailers bottom line. Almost all of your money goes straight to the hardworking artists and creators of the work. That’s why I love searching on it for bacon-related gifts. Today, I’m going to tell you about my favourite bacon gifts from Etsy. All of the goodness starts after the break.

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Top 25 Amazing Bacon Dessert Recipes

We’ve been doing this so long that I feel like I’ve seen every possible bacon dessert out there. I’m sure I’m wrong though – every day I see something new about bacon that I couldn’t have possibly considered before. Because I’ve seen so many, I thought it would be helpful to give you a wrap-up of twenty-five of the best Bacon Desserts. But hey! If you know of some more, comment below. This list is in no specific ranking order and yes I included our bacon dessert recipes. Why? Because Chef Rob is awesome and makes the best bacon recipes in the world. Chef Rob bribed me to say that, I’d say he is second best… Chef Massimo Capra is the best.

The full list appears after the break.

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Bacon Love Friday’s: Bacon Bourbon Brownies to Beer and Bacon Cupcakes

It’s finally getting hot. And if you are like me (of course you are exactly like me!), you are probably spending most of Friday staring at the clock, wondering when you can finally sneak out of the office to sit on a patio and enjoy a cool brew and some bacon. Unfortunately, time always seems to stand still on Friday. So, until you can finally set your Microsoft office Outlook out of office message for the weekend on, we’re stuck here together. Let’s try to entertain each other, shall we? I’ll start by posting some of my favourite bacon related posts of the week. You had better have something to match it, buddy!

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The Father’s Day Bacon Home Cure

There’s been a lot of buzz buzzing around the Internet over the last few weeks about home-curing bacon as a possible option for Father’s Day. We’ve already provided some of our favourite suggestions for a Father’s Day filled with bacon, but if you were dying for something else, maybe you could consider what the Washington Post says is the best way to show Dad you care. Our rundown of a Father’s Day filled with home curing follows after the jump.

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Is There Hidden Bacon in Your Inbox?

We at the Republic of Bacon are concerned. We’ve heard that people are trying to co-opt the proud name of bacon for an evil purpose. These people think they have a good excuse – they say they just want to coin a new term. We say that they are slandering our nation’s very reason for existence. So what’s the big deal? Here’s the thing: computer scientists have decided that the big problem in our email inboxes isn’t spam. It’s bacon (or, as it is mis-spelled by these slanderers: “bacn”). In fact, they say that you’re inbox is probably filled with lots of hidden bacon. I’d think bacon filling up your inbox would be something everyone would be dying to have. But that’s not the case. All of the details of this crazy state of affairs after the break.

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The Best of the Rest of the Instructables Bacon Challenge

As you might have remembered, the Instructables website recently issued a challenge to produce something for their website that featured bacon. The winning entry was bacon caviar – which was truly spectacular. But there were so many great entries, I think we should cover a few more today. So here, from bacon guitars to bacon lip balm, are my favourites. Read them all after the break!

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The Many Amazing Ways To Cook Bacon

We’ve covered a lot of different ways to cook bacon on this blog. We’ve even gotten into a few arguments about the best way to do it. But today, all of the arguing is over. Today, I thought I’d do a round-up of all the different methods I’ve covered, in a handy-dandy reference post for y’all. Set your bookmarks, and follow along on our super-duper bacon cooking roundup. (Okay, I need a better name than that.)

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Bacon Love Friday: From Bacon Ipsum to Frozen BLTs

We’ve been doing a lot of aerobics lately, and so our hamstrings are taut and our glutes resemble bowling balls. Why all of the exercise, you ask? Why, so we can cover as much ground as possible in our weekly round-ups of the bacon online world. Surfing the web requires a great deal of core body strength. If you don’t feel the same way, I can assure you that you are doing it wrong. Anyhoo, after all of that limbering, and all of that discovering, we have some great links to point out for you.


Buttermilk Biscuits with Bacon

Image Provided by Mommy I'm Hungry

The Mommy, I’m Hungry! Blog offers this delicious variation on what is essentially an Egg Muffin. The recipe includes some delicious-looking homemade buttermilk muffins, scrambled eggs, grated cheese and, of course, your favourite bacon. And they look so simple! I’m already dying to have some.


Bacon and Eggs T-Shirt

With it being a hot, humid summer, we are sweating through t-shirts like it ain’t nobody’s business. With that in mind, I’ve found these home-made bacon and egg t-shirts by Tara Spinoza. They are relatively cheap ($20 US), and come in the full gamut of sizes and colours. This one seems like a perfect choice for brunch – when the server asks you what you want to order, you can simply point to your shirt.


Fontina, Spinach and Bacon Shells and Cheese

Katie Goodman, of GoodLife Eats, offers us this bowl of delight. And it makes me think: even though bacon and spinach are sort of at the opposite ends of the food spectrum, that they secretly want to be together. I mean, I seem to run into recipes where they snuggle up next to each other inside a pasta shell, like pretty much every other week. This doesn’t mean that the bacon and spinach shouldn’t be together, particularly when their bed is cushioned with a healthy amount of cheese. It just means that I think we can detect a secret romance here.


The Cheese Crisp Bacon Burger

I’m including a link to this burger not because it is doing anything particularly new. But because, for me, photos of burgers exploding cheese and bacon outward from two buns are like the bacon version of cute overload. I just can’t get enough of them. The recipe also includes the idea of cheese crisps, which, like, is totally awesome.


Bacon Ipsum Generator

This joke may be a little too obscure for some people. But for those who do use the Lorum Ipsum text when they are putting up mock-ups of websites, you can now baconify the text (well, to be honest – you are meatifying it). Even if you don’t use Lorum Ipsum, you still might want to visit the page. It’s never a bad idea to read five paragraphs of meat words!


Bacon-Stuffed Avocado

A bacon-stuffed avocado! A bacon-stuffed avocado! No word on where this comes from, or what the recipe to make it involves (I assume some bacon and an avocado). But, hey everyone, it’s a bacon-stuffed avocado!


A Frozen BLT

This is for those hot mornings when you want your regular Sunday breakfast, but also want to cool off. (Note: not really a BLT, but really frozen.)

Making Bacon Hipster Glasses

Today, I thought we’d try something a little different. It’s arts and crafts day: bacon style! As you probably know, bacon has been the subject of many trend pieces. In fact, some people think that it is a bit of a hipster meat – it’s probably why so many people are getting bacon tattoos. But we also know that bacon will outlast all of the hipsters in Brooklyn – it is one of the oldest meats around. So our idea here isn’t to get onto any hipster radar or anything – who’d want to do that? – but we thought we’d play around with the idea of bacon’s hipster connection by baconifying some hipster glasses.


The Material Gathering

Baconifying hipster glasses is a multi-step process. First of all, we needed a pair of hipster glasses and some bacon. I found some cheap hipster glasses in Kensington Market for a few bucks. Their lenses easily slid out.

After that, I got me some bacon. Some Maple Leaf Food bacon! I figured that I could reward myself with some delicious Maple Leaf bacon after making the glasses. But not the bacon on the glasses – the glasses are purely decorative! We’ll get into why in just a sec.

I wrapped the bacon around the glasses. As other bacon-sculptors may have figured out, uncooked bacon is not the most forgiving of sculptural materials. In fact, it tends to slide apart after I had just wrapped it around the arms of the hipster glasses, for instance. To fix this, I put some toothpicks in the bacon to hold it together. It looks sort of barbaric, but it was necessary. Think of it as a bacon hipster glasses hors d’ouevre.

When everything was wrapped up nice and neat, I put it on a plate. And this is the tricky part, and why I don’t suggest doing this at home. Remember, I did this whole thing for a joke and a laugh – and I don’t want you following what I’m doing and get accidentally burned because you used meltable glasses. We microwaved the bacon and the glasses on low, and checked it periodically. You see? Not the most brilliant thing in the world to do. So don’t do it!


After that, we took our babies out of the microwave, put them on some paper towels and let them cool down. I removed the toothpicks as best as I could, and because the bacon had solidified at that point, it mostly stayed in place. As I mentioned, though, bacon is an unforgiving medium and I lost some bacon coverage around the nose rests. Also, one of the toothpicks was too deeply embedded, so I couldn’t remove it. Not a perfect homerun of a hipster bacon glasses sculpture, but A plus for effort. Yay!

So, does anyone out there want to try on our bacon hipster glasses?