The Best Part of Waking Up is… Bacon Coffee

We’ve discussed creating some bacon doughnuts. But if you are going to have some bacon doughnuts for breakfast, what could be a more perfect accompaniment for that than some bacon coffee? Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? All that caffeine mixing with some bacony goodness. Mmmmm. But it’s not an easy thing to find, that bacon coffee. So, just for you, I’ve scoured the Internet. Today I present to you the best ways to get your bacon coffee fix.

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How to Make a Bacon Maple Doughnut

Bacon and maple go together: that’s no surprise. Bacon goes well with pancakes and maple syrup. And there’s plenty of great maple-flavoured bacon products out there, like Maple Leaf’s Lazy Maple Bacon. But even so, there are still some maple foodstuff out there which haven’t yet been stuffed with bacon.

Maple has not yet reached maximum overload in bacon. Since part of our mission is to ensure that every part of the world has the benefit of becoming one with bacon, I’ve decided to devote today to a discussion of the union of bacon and that delicious and beautiful thing: the maple donut.

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The Infamous French Bacon Sandwich

The French are known for their high cuisine and carefully constructed delicacies. They are not usually associated with food that we can make with no recipe, and that requires the liberal use of a prepared condiment. But that is, I guess, the whole point of the Infamous French Bacon Sandwich. It is good because it is very, very, very wrong. Let me explain.

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Cooking Bacon in a Pan: You’re Doing it Wrong, Says CHOW

When it comes to cooking bacon either in a pan, in the oven or a microwave (or any other way you can think of!), I think it pays to be pretty laid back about the whole thing. Whatever works for you is my rule of thumb. After all, the Republic of Bacon is a pretty big and accepting place – the only rule is that you have to like bacon! But ever so often, someone comes along who tells us that the way we are cooking our bacon is wrong. Today, I’ll look at what CHOW says is the wrong and right way to cook bacon.

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More Ridiculously Awesome Bacon Tattoos

Since everybody seemed to love our bacon tattoos round-up, I’ve decided to go through a few more for you guys. Strap on your helmets, this will be a journey deep into the heart of INSANITY and SHOCKING! and MADNESS and, well, weird tattoos.

Bacon with Grease Splatters

This gentleman (or lady?) definitely wanted to be true to the authentic bacon eating experience. If you are going to make some bacon, you are going to have some leftover bacon grease. There’s no way to avoid it. Unfortunately, this fellow should have also included in his tattoo a small jar next to his bacon to catch all of the bacon grease. And then, perhaps, a series of items that have been made from bacon grease. Like cupcakes. Or candles! Now, that’s authenticity.

Image Provided by Geekologie

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The Ulitmate Bacon Burger Dog

Some of you might be too young, but the rest of us can remember a pretty great show: the Cosby Show. For five years in the eighties it was the number one show on television. But along with the laughs came some mysteries. One was repeated references on the show to a tasty-sounding, but mysterious dish: the bacon burger dog. What is the bacon burger dog? What does it taste like? And how, one wonders, does one make this potentially awesome dish?

Cosby introduces us to an amazing idea

For those who don’t remember what I’m talking about – or just need to be reminded of it –here are a couple of clips from the show. We get a brief shot of the delicacy at the end of the clip.

YouTube Preview Image

Theo is certainly excited to get it. But it’s hard to tell what it is. Is it a burger? Is it a hot dog? How does the bacon fit in? These are pressing questions for those of us who are intrigued by this item. I’ve attempted to sleuth out an answer.

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Are Bacon Tweetups the Next Big Thing?

I seem to be always pointing out the wonderful things that Americans are doing with bacon. Today will be no different (are they having more bacon fun than us?). Recently, on Twitter I’ve noticed the growing popularity of #bacon tweetups among our American friends. Are bacon tweetups going to be the next big thing?

Bacon Potlucks for the Digital Generation

Tweet-ups, for the uninitiated, are meetings of Twitter users. Since many Twitter users meet new friends entirely through Twitter, tweetups can be useful ways for these new friends to meet IRL (in real life). Adding bacon to the mix only seems to make sense. Bacon is, after all, a potent social lubricant.

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Drunken Ohio Couple Tries to Steal Bacon

Bacon is pretty darn irresistible. If you have had a few drinks, I can see why you’d fine it even tastier. After all, as we’ve discussed, bacon is great for a hangover. But even those of us who are proud inhabitants of the Republic of Bacon have to acknowledge there is a limit to bacon love. That limit is when bacon love turns into bacon crime. Most recently, that line was crossed by a drunken Ohio couple.

Women Robber

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Movies Made Better With Bacon

Aside from Kevin Bacon, bacon gets the short end of the stick in Hollywood. Thankfully, there are many dedicated baconophiles on the Internet who have decided to fix this terrible problem. Here are some of our favourite movies made better with bacon.

Bacon to the Future

Image Provided by BuzzFeed

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Edible Bacon Fat Candles Make Fine Dining Delicious

I’m not much of a person for candles. To me, they often seem like more trouble than they are worth. After all, for all their benefits, they are pretty temperamental. For instance, you always have to be very careful to make sure they don’t get knocked over. Because of their fussy nature, I’ve never been a huge fan. That is, until I heard about bacon candles. And these are not just those regular bacon candles – the ones that smell like bacon frying, but are made of some weird chemicals. I’m talking about bacon candles that are also edible.

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