Baltimore Bar Offers Free Bowls of Bacon for Happy Hour

Is anyone up for a Republic of Bacon road trip? I think I’ve found my new favourite place in the world. It combines everything I could possibly ever want: bacon, beer and well, more bacon and beer. My new favourite place is a bar in Baltimore called Bad Decisions. A bar in Baltimore may sound like an odd place to love above all others, but Bad Decisions has something that no other bar has: a Beer & Bacon Happy Hour every month.

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A Bacon Innovation That Canada Needs: Bacon Trucks

It seems lately like I’ve been trying to make our readers jealous about the various parts of the world they could be visiting where bacon is good and plentiful. Well, sorry about that. Today ain’t going to be any better. But just keep in mind that this bacon can be yours in the near future – you only have to travel to these places. Today, I thought I’d tell you about an ingenious idea out in California. It is called a bacon truck, and as the name implies, it is bacon heaven on wheels.

Photo Provided by

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Bacon Love Friday: Skulls and Bacon

It’s TGI Friday, so we like to spread a little link-love across the Information Baco-Highway to a blog we love to read. This week I’ve decided to highlight the awesomely titled Skulls and Bacon website. It is run by the mysterious MetalChick666. And it is, as you’d expect, about everything skull and bacon-related. Seriously: MetalChick writes about bacon and skulls. I’m guessing for the gothy bacon fans in our audience, this is probably a vision of heaven. We may not be that into the skull part of the site, but we still love it’s bacon-focus. Here’s a pick of some of our more recent favourites.

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How to Make Bacon Cupcakes the Ultimate Indulgence

Bacon and cupcakes are pretty much opposites in the food world. Bacon is salty, savoury and is often served with breakfast. Cupcakes are usually sweet and they are served as a dessert. But despite being opposites, both are delicious. And as we know, opposites often attract. Bacon and cupcakes are no exception. Today, I thought I’d explored the delicious and wonderful world of bacon cupcakes. I’d advise you not to watch the following videos unless you’ve eaten – they are pretty mouthwatering.

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More Uses for Bacon Grease

Folks seemed to like it the last time we talked about uses for bacon grease, so I thought I’d provide some more ideas. But before I give you some of my suggestions, I thought I’d show you a neat find: here’s a list of uses for bacon grease that is apparently from a 1943 edition of Modern Woman Magazine.

Click for Larger Image. Image is also provided by Modern Women Magazine

You gotta love the “when hardened in your ICE Refrigerator” – “freezer” was apparently not a household word in 1943. I also like the focus on meat pies, hominy and white sauces. Nevertheless, most of them are kind of good! Using bacon grease for cornbread is sort of a Southern standard, and we’ve already discussed how delicious it can make vegetables. There’s dozens of uses for bacon grease. Here’s just a few more of our suggestions:

Salad Dressing and Bacon Grease

This is one that several of our readers suggested. Putting bacon grease in salad dressing is pretty simple. You can just use it in place of an oil with some balsamic vinegar. Or you can go in a little more of a ranch dressing direction by mixing it with mayo. The only thing you have to remember is that if you do mix it with vinegar, you have to use it hot – putting cold bacon grease on your salad will not make it happy. But if you are making your salad with a bitter leafy vegetable like chard or spinach, you can use the hot bacon grease to wilt the greens.

Potatoes with Bacon Grease

Some people like to substitute bacon grease for butter or milk when they are making mashed potatoes. But you can also use bacon grease for cooking whole or sliced potatoes. Just shake some boiled potatoes around in the bacon grease and then cook them in the oven. The bacon grease helps them get browned and crispy – sort of like bacon.

Frying toast

In a traditional English Breakfast, you would not only cook all of the meat and eggs for the breakfast in a frying pan, you’d also cook the toast you’d serve along with it, too. Like French Toast, making toast in bacon grease is usually best done with stale bread so that it doesn’t get too soggy. The Brits actually fill the pan with grease before they cook their bread, but you can just put grease on either side of your toast, like you would with butter on a grilled cheese. The result is as delicious as you’d imagine.

Seasoning a cast iron skillet

If you have just bought a new cast iron frying pan, you’ll need to season it. A properly seasoned pan can last for decades, and the seasoning will also ensure it has a non-stick surface. Bacon grease is a very effective seasoning agent. Seasoning guidelines vary, but most suggest that you should rub the grease all over a dry cast iron pan and then cook it upside in an oven.

Sauces and gravies with Bacon Grease

If you’ve just made your holiday dinner (with a bacon-wrapped turkey!), you’ve probably already used bacon fat for the base for your gravy on that day. But bacon grease can be used in almost any savoury flavoured sauce. Just take whatever sauce recipe you can think of and change the fat or oil to bacon grease. The sauce will gain a dark, smoky, flavourful note.

Do you have any more suggestions for how to use your bacon grease? What do you like to do with your bacon grease?

The Best Bacon Comics Period

New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and hopefully you are finding the New Year to be fruitful and pleasant. Well, as pleasant as it can be now that most of us have to be back at work. So, to continuing on the theme of easing into the New Year with some laughs, I thought I’d post some of my favourite bacon-related comics from the Internet today. After all, if bacon can’t make us laugh, what can?

Snake N’ Bacon

Click for Larger Image

Probably some of my favourite bacon comics are by Michael Kupperman. Kupperman is the creator of Snake N’ Bacon. Although the comics feature a wide array of characters, the major recurring characters are Snake N’ Bacon – a crime-fighting duo. Snake only hisses, while bacon offers advice on how he can be prepared and eaten. The comics are always pretty surreal and absurdist – it’s definitely a love ‘em or hate ‘em kind of thing.

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Bacon Craft Awesomeness is All Mine

Oh snap, Kathy from What Do Bacon Do? Mailed me my personal own bacon craft figure. I snapped a picture of my little fellow (background is a picture in my office) who I have officially named “Fred Bacon“. I remember stating in my previous article that I was interested in knowing what this “Bacon Birth Certificate business” was all about.

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Cats and Dogs Love Bacon, Time for Animal Bacon Video Madness

If you are like me, all you probably want to do today, on New Year’s Day weekend (an official Holiday weekend here in the Republic), is rest and relax. Not think about anything too hard. Not read anything too distressing. Just start the New Year’s on a good note, you know? So I’ve decided we should just sit back today and enjoy some bacon and pets videos on youtube.

Now, before we begin, I have to say this: you probably shouldn’t be feeding your dog or cat bacon. The little guys have very different digestion systems than us humans, so they could get sick from eating it. And if you want to feed them something bacon-flavoured, there’s plenty of pet foods on the market that are properly constituted for them.

That being said, pet videos are always good for a laugh or two. And when I see dogs begging for bacon – man, I know how they feel.

Mojo the cat loves bacon

We’re an equal opportunity website, so I thought I’d point out some good cats-going-crazy-for-bacon youtube videos. In this one, a British gentleman likes to get his cat Mojo to climb up his body whenever he’s cooking some bacon. I think I suddenly respect cats a lot more than dogs. A dog would have just kept standing on his hind legs for three minutes. Cats think outside the litterbox.

YouTube Preview Image

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My Resolution is 2011 Will Bring More Bacon-Flavoured Happiness To the World

It’s been a tough year for all of us. The economy is still not great, and many people are out of work. But thankfully, there’s one thing positive about 2010: bacon is still plentiful. Bacon may not be as exciting as a new flat screen TV or an ipad, but it can certainly make me just about as happy. So, my resolution for 2011 is to make my life happier by adding more bacon. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it’s simple and effective: 2011 is the year of bacon and happiness. Here are some of the ways I’ll be adding bacon to my life.

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Today was a glorious day. Not because I had gourmet Bacon and Eggs (I will be sharing that recipe soon). Not even because I tried …again to make Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies. Ladies and Gentleman, today a large package came addressed to me.

Yes, I was shocked someone cared enough to ship me a nice large box. But the most wonderful thing lay inside. Cradled in the warmth of cardboard and white popcorn Styrofoam lay my Holiday present (technically not a holiday present, it just landed around the day) from Black Rock Spirits, the bottling company who produces Bakon Vodka.

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