Funny Bacon Ads From Around the World

Bacon doesn’t really need any advertising. It pretty much just advertises itself. But I still like to watch bacon advertisements cause a) they are about bacon and b) they are usually pretty funny. So with that in mind, here are some of the funniest bacon ads on Youtube.

Village Inn

A slow-starter, this one has a good payout. I really like the sound of the scream. I could probably watch this one a few dozen times just for the scream. It also really speaks to me because I’m often making talking bacon faces on my breakfast plate.

YouTube Preview Image

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Bacon Love Friday: The Bacon Show

On Fridays, we like to spread some of our baco-love to a few favourite stops on the Information Baco-Highway (or as some people call it, the Internet.) Today, we turn our attention to one of our favourite bacon recipe blogs – “The Bacon Show.” The Bacon Show collects and links back to bacon recipes from other sites. The Bacon Show also promises to feature a bacon recipe every day, forever. (Which means they won’t run out of recipes before I run out of bacon.) So sit back, and enjoy some of our favourite picks from their treasure house of bacon recipes.

We will leave the decision to attack, develop diplomatic ties, or stay neutral on you, the reader. After reading this article on The Bacon Show, we will allow you to comment below on what we should do. We are a 14,000 strong bacon army ready and we have plenty of ammunition (bacon bits). At the same time, we haven’t attacked a fellow bacon site, only handing out one embassy on the republic and a bacon award. The choice is ulitmately up to you. What shall it be!

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Bacon + Lolcats = Bacon-Hilarity

Our favorite bacon lolcats

If you haven’t been as obsessed with the Internet as I have been, you might not know about the phenomenon of Lolcats. Lolcats are, as Wikipedia describes it, “an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour.” In other words, funny pics of cats with weird captions. And because awesome likes awesome, there are plenty of lolcat images that involve bacon. If you know and love lolcats – or even if you don’t know what I’m talking about – read on and enjoy some of the best bacon-scented lolcats the Internets has to offer.

OMG Bacon!!

Sometimes you can go a few days without bacon. You know, sometimes life just gets a little busy and you can’t fit it into your schedule? And on those days you might feel a little sad, but you won’t be able to figure out why? And then you realize that it’s because you haven’t had bacon and then you find some bacon and you make it and then you make a face that’s pretty much exactly like this kitty? Yeah. Me too. Happens all of the time.


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Baconify Your Holiday Dinner

The big Holiday dinner is one time we really get to indulge. It’s also a time to pull out all the stops and impress. And bacon is always a great way to impress – it certainly impresses me! I’ve been looking for ways to add some bacon to your Holiday dinner, and I think I’ve come up with four great ways.

Bacon-wrapped Turkey

Image Provided by Chow

I think that if you are going to serve turkey, there’s no other way to serve it than wrapped in bacon. You don’t have to do anything special to the turkey – just wrap it in bacon before you cook it in the oven. The bonus to this method is that the bacon’s natural juices keep the turkey deliciously moist. With nearly magical powers like this, there’s always more room for bacon during the Holidays!

The folks at Chow have created this video to show you how to make a bacon-wrapped turkey dinner with pear gravy. They cook their turkey a bit first, but you don’t need to. Just watching it, I already feel a bacon-and-turkey coma starting to take over my brain. [Cue sounds of loud salivation.]

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Bacon Fashion is Hitting Milan?

Talking about bacon onesies yesterday got me thinking: is bacon clothing something that’s more popular than even I imagined? Bacon, it turns out, is definitely a wise choice for the fashion conscious. Or, as they say, bacon never goes out of style. Here are five bacon-y clothing options for the daring. Also, number Two I think has a shot with Victoria Secret. Number five has a shot in Milan for sure.

1. Cafe Press bacon t-shirts

Image Provided by Cafe Press

If you are just starting to get into bacon clothing, Cafe Press is your go-to site. They feature a wide variety of bacon t-shirts with slogans ranging from the simple and heartfelt (“I heart bacon”) to the witty (“Push Button, Receive Bacon”) to the confusing (“Of course you smell bacon”). Choose wisely, my friend!

The great thing about Cafe Press is that you can make your own bacon clothing if you have a particularly awesome idea. And you can slap that slogan on pretty much anything, including aprons, tank tops, sweatshirts and underwear. The possibilities for creating your own personal work of genius are limitless. For instance, I don’t see a “Bacon is my co-pilot” thong in there, and I this is something that needs to be made now.

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5 Amazing Bacon Holiday Gifts for Kids

While bacon-themed presents may seem like a logical fit for some of the older members of your family, don’t forget about the kids in your life. They probably love bacon as much as you do – they just don’t know it yet. So here are five bacon-y presents to get your kids really excited about the Holidays..

1. Bacon Onesies

Image by Redbubble

Do you find that all of the regular outfits out there for your newborn are just a little bland? Looking for something that will really reflect your family’s true priorities, but yet will be comfortable for the lil tyke? Consider Bacon Onesies! For instance, check out this “I Heart Bacon” onesie. Or, if you are looking for something a little more mysterious, there’s “Bacon’s Good for Healing.” (Uhm, okay?) You’ll find a wide range of similar ones at Might as well pick up a few – you know how many clothes newborns go through!

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Bacon Insanity Songs

Saturday is when we like to go a little crazy. For this week’s instalment of Youtube Insanity, we decided to look at all of the bacon songs out there.

Bacon, unsurprisingly, is a popular subject for songs. Much like romantic love and heartbreak, bacon is one of the few things that can unite all of us as human beings. So there is a lot of music to go through, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. Here’s just a selection of the stuff that caught my eye (or ear).

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Bacon Love Friday: What Do Bacon Do?

Friday is when we cast about the Internet looking for the best and the brightest bacon blogs, and spread a little link love. In this week’s edition, we look at the makers of that infamous Kevin Bacon head made out of bacon. The makers of the head also happen to run one of the most inventive and crafty bacon blogs out there: the What DO Bacon Do? Blog.

Who is What DO Bacon Do?

The WDBD blog is run by three bacon-mad, and clearly super-talented folks – exactly my favourite kind of people! – Kathy J. Rose, Uncle Mike Lahue and Wendy Watkins. They say that their mission is “to build a better world through laughter and bacon.” Gotta love it – this should probably be snuck into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms somehow. These great people have been working toward this noble pursuit on their blog and through their etsy store, where you can buy many bacon-related products. (Including one of the Christmas decorations we mentioned earlier in the week.)

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What Does it Mean to Dry and Wet-Cure Bacon?

What makes bacon bacon? There are a lot of things that make bacon the delicious food that it is. We’ve discussed a bunch on this site. But bacon shares a common source with a lot of other pork products, and they all taste very different than bacon. What then, makes bacon taste so bacony? The answer, as you might know, is the curing process.

Curing keeps meat tasting great!

Curing is the practice of preserving meat against natural decay. This can be done in many ways, such as drying, sugaring, salting, smoking and adding nitrates. The point of curing is to basically turn the environment inside of a piece of meat into one that is inhospitable to the microbes that cause decay. If they can’t live there, they can’t break it apart! Gross I know but I love bringing up the science behind bacon…makes me look smarter.

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Five Amazing and Easy Bacon Appetizers for the Holidays

The holiday party season is upon us. My favourite part of the holidays is definitely all the eating that goes with it, particularly when that eating includes some bacon. I’m also a big fan of making things for the holidays that have as few steps as possible between the ingredients and eating those ingredients. The holidays are for enjoying yourself with friends, not sweating in a kitchen. On that note, here’s five delicious bacon-based appetizers that require minimal cooking.

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