Six Awesome and Crazy Bacon Tattoos

Image Provided by Deanna Wardin

We all love it. It’s pretty much one of the only things we know that we’ll love for our whole lives. So, it’s fitting that many folks out there are proving their baco-love by getting it tattooed on their skin. This is one romance that won’t fizzle out and require a laser removal of our lover’s tattooed name. Bacon is forever. Almost sounds like I am about to break into a song from 007. Could we possibly incoporate bacon and 007!? I smell a new article.

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Bacon Christmas Cards and Decorations

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking: uhm, how did Christmas sneak up so quickly? With the holiday roughly only three weeks away, if you haven’t already thought about, you probably really need to start thinking about what you are going to do to prepare for it. And if you are also like me, the one idea that keeps coming up as a solution is BACON.

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Bacon Youtube Insanity: Hover Bacon

Bacon is a powerful food. It can make you do some great things. But sometimes it can also make you do some strange stuff. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of the strangest of strange bacon videos on the Internet: Hover Bacon.

Hover Bacon

There’s really nothing to say before you watch this video. Just press the play button.

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Bacon Love Friday: Mr. BaconPants

Here at the Republic of Bacon, we like to recognize the other brave and true fans of bacon. One of our most favourite finds is Mr Baconpants.

Mr Baconpants is Jason Mosley, a blogger and designer from Pittsburgh, and as can be seen by his photos, he has a snazzy pair of bacon pants! His blog features posts about bacon products and bacon recipes, but the major draw to his site is his bacon live chat, which happens every Wednesday at 7pm EST. Every week Mosley offers his personal opinion about bacon with his friends, particularly Sean Brett. They are fun, casual and informative. Most importantly, they are about bacon, which is what keeps us listening. Yes, we do listen to the show.

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On the Verge of a Bacon Beverage Revolution

For More Bacon!

I’ve already discussed the introduction of Jones’s bacon soda on this site, and the varying reactions to its flavour (uhhh, people generally don’t like it. We still haven’t received a sample… yes, we are a bit sad about that) But it appears that bacon is starting to spread out into many different liquid varieties. Are we on the verge of a bacon beverage revolution?

Let us think about this very carefully. We have talked about Bacon Soda, Bacon Beer, Bacon Caesars (Bacon cocktails), Bacon Martini – breath… breath- Chocolate Bacon Martini, Bacon Bourbon… I think you get my point that I am trying to make. Bacon is becoming a very popular type of drink to have. I don’t think it is as socially acceptable to order a bacon martini yet, unless of course you are James Bond. Yet, I honestly believe we are starting to see a bacon beverage revolution.In the next two years I am positive we will see more Bacon drinks in bars, clubs and possibly at our girlfriend/boyfriends houses.

Why did I pick a raspberry and chocolate picture? Check out the Smoothie drink!

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Delicious Uses for Leftover Bacon Grease

In olden days, when cooks used to be more careful about throwing anything away, a common sight on the kitchen counter next to the stove was a coffee can to hold bacon grease. Frugal (and smart!) cooks would then use the grease in various ways in their cooking.

Nowadays, most people don’t even think about keeping their bacon grease (Facebook comments are going to be buzzing about that statement). But since pouring it down the drain can clog it up, it’s probably a good idea to think about storing it, especially if you cook as much bacon as I do.

If you start storing your bacon grease, you should keep it in the fridge instead of on the counter. In the fridge, it’ll last for six months. If you freeze it, it will last longer – up to nine months. But trust me: if you do start keeping your bacon grease, you’ll find so many uses it for that you’ll probably run out faster than you can keep replenishing it.

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Los Angeles Tries to Stop the Deliciousness of Bacon Dogs

We recently told you about Mexicano bacon-wrapped hot dogs and their popularity in Los Angeles. Invented by inspired Mexicans, these tasty treats have been enjoyed in Northern Mexico and the Southern US for years. But now the bacon dogs face a threat in their own homeland: Los Angeles is trying to ban bacon dogs!

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Bacon is so Good, Other Breakfast Foods Try to Pretend to Be Bacon

When you’ve been making a hearty breakfast of bacon and pancakes in the morning, have you ever wondered: could this be done any more awesomely? The answer, of course, is yes. Here’s how you can do it. Two words: bacon pancakes.

Like any of the cooking ideas we give you on here, you’ll have to see how your bacon, pancake batter and stove react when you first try it out and then adjust your cooking accordingly. But here’s the basic idea.

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Bacon Biodiesel: The Fuel of the Future?

The number of things bacon is good for just keeps increasing every day. We’ve covered a few of them here on the Republic of Bacon, but here’s one I never suspected: bacon can be a good automotive fuel!

Bacon biodiesel is the most tasty-sounding alternative fuel, EVER.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, you’ll know that oil is increasingly becoming a less than ideal fuel for cars. Not only does it cause smog, it adds to the planet’s greenhouse gases. It is becoming more expensive as the planet slowly runs out of easily accessible oil sources. Scientists have been looking for an alternative fuel for cars for several years now. Some have suggested electric motors. Others have looked at hydrogen cells. But one of the most promising is biodiesel.

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The Ultimate List of Bacon iPhone apps – More Like Three Really Good apps

Are you so obsessed with bacon that you need to cook some even when you aren’t anywhere near a kitchen? Do you love your iphone so much that you just like to play with it any chance you get? Now you can merge these two obsessions with a wonderful invention: bacon iphone apps.

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