Bacon Melts Metal – Technically Destroys a Piece of Metal

We’ve often talked about the science of bacon here at the Republic of Bacon. Science is proved why bacon tastes great, for starters. But another reason why the combination of bacon and science coming together is great is that science can come up with great new ways to use bacon. And here’s one you’ve probably never thought of. With science, you can turn bacon into a flaming lance that can cut through steel.

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Bacon is The Newest Form of Money

Bacon: we all want it. We all can’t get enough of it. We all dream about it. At most times, simply thinking about it makes us crave it. Does this sound like something else we all want? That’s right – money. But the resemblance doesn’t just end there. If you are thinking of visiting the Burning Man festival next year, here’s something to remember: bring bacon. When there is no civilization, apparently, bacon is as good as money.

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Bacon Bikini Scandel

Bacon has been used for many purposes over the years. Many have been good. Oh, so many have been good! But with something as tasty and wonderful as bacon, occasionally, bad people will use it for their very bad plans. It has been recently reported by CBS that a man has done just that. This man tried to use bacon bikinis (!) to scam money out of folks who wanted to donate to charity.

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Canadian Bacon is Not What You Think It Is!

…if you are American.

Canadian bacon is famous as being an intrinsically Canadian food – it is probably the only food that Americans can associate with Canada. Michael Moore even created a movie starring John Candy called Canadian Bacon. But there’s a dark secret lying behind all of this Canadian fame. What Americans call Canadian bacon isn’t Canadian bacon at all!

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Bacon Soda: Is This Taking Bacon Too Far?

Jones Bacon Soda Pack

I spend the day looking for new and exciting things to tell you about bacon. It’s our passion and our meaning in life. Most of the time, we like what we find. After all, finding interesting ways to enjoy bacon is always a great idea! But sometimes, in our search, we come across something so crazy, even we don’t know what to do with it. This is one of those things. A few days ago, Jones Soda company announced that they were releasing a new soda: a bacon-flavoured soda.

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Bacon Explosion – Only 2 Pounds of BACON!

Let’s make a bacon explosion!

We all love adding bacon to almost every dish. But can you go too far with your bacon love? Is there a point where adding more bacon seems a little unhinged and crazy? Here, at the Republic of Bacon, we don’t think we’ve reached that point yet. But there is something that gets pretty close: it’s called the Bacon Explosion.

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The Origin of the Phrase: Bring Home the Bacon

Eating bacon is not just great, but talking about it is too. And one of my favourite expressions – I hope it’s yours, too – is the phrase, “bring home the bacon.” The phrase means to bring home the goods, to get what is required, to be the hero. (Sounds like bacon to me!) But like so many things in life, we use these expressions without having any idea where they come from. It certainly stumped me. Since I love anything bacon-related, I have studied the matter deeply and have found out the origin to this expression.

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For Those Times When Bacon is Not Possible

For those times when bacon is not possible, there’s bacon salt

No matter how much bacon we add to our lives, we always want to add more. But sometimes it’s just not possible to add some bacon. Maybe we aren’t near a stove. Maybe we don’t have time to cook. Or – this is too terrible to even think about – maybe we don’t have any bacon left in our home. What can you do in a situation like this? Fortunately, there is a solution: bacon salt.

Bacon salt is just what you’d imagine it would be: salt that tastes like bacon. And it makes everything it touches taste like bacon. Doesn’t that sound magical? The possibilities are endless. Macaroni and cheese with bacon salt? Check. Roasted vegetables with bacon salt? Check. French toast with bacon salt? Check! Everything that previously escaped the taste of bacon can now taste bacon-y. Mmmmmm.

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Neil Caldwell Spills the Beans on his Bacon Rainbow

It is impossible to get bored of bacon: when you are bored of bacon, you are bored of life. But have you ever wondered if it could taste just as amazing, but look a little different? Well, graphic designer Neil Caldwell decided to see if he could do that. He has invented coloured bacon.

Caldwell, a native of Ottawa, created a “colour wheel” of bacon in blue, orange, red, yellow, green and purple. The bacon is surprisingly bright, even after it has been cooked – particularly the yellow bacon. It looked so visually stunning that Caldwell even (probably jokingly) considered having it shown at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

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Going Fishing? Turns Out Bacon is the Best Bait

Bacon has a lot of uses. We’ve already discussed a few on this site, and we are always looking for more. One of the most intriguing is its use as fish bait.

When and where people started using bacon as a fish bait has been lost to the mists of time. But somehow, some brilliant person got the idea, and sport fishing has, as a result, never been more awesome.

Bacon is a particularly good lure if you are going after the always difficult to catch catfish. A world-renowned catfish fisherman named Roger Aziz swears by it. “Hickory smoked bacon works best,” he says. Apparently the salt and grease from the bacon attracts the fish. Who knew that catfish had such good taste?

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