Bacon Camp in Ann Arbor

Do you feel that your love of bacon is getting to be so big that you can barely contain it in your everyday life? Do you dream about spending an entire day doing nothing but talking about bacon and eating bacon? Now, there might just be a place for you: Bacon Camp.

Bacon Camp was held earlier this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, it was such a roaring success that it will most likely be repeated next year. It was primarily a chance for the bacon-minded to come together to swap bacon ideas and bacon recipes, but it had many other activities. These included poetry readings about bacon and how delicious it is. Noted R&B star, Andre Williams, sang a rendition of his 1956 song “Bacon Fat.” Attendees played Bacon Bingo. The game had, instead of numbers, words like “dry rub” and “rasher.”

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Top 7 Bacon Costumes for Halloween

The other day, we showed you how to make Halloween bacon costumes. Today, we’re going to feature some of the best bacon costumes we could find on the net. Not only that we have a costume we found from over 100 years ago that pays tribute to our lovely meat product. We saved it for last. We have compiled the best bacon costumes the web has to offer. Now we could have expanded the list to feature Top 10 Bacon costumes or even Top 20 bacon costumes. What we found was a ton of people buying store bought (bacon and eggs) costumes. We wanted to see some original material; we wanted to see the true bacon fanatics. I also wanted to recruit them to our Republic of Bacon Army.

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How to Make a Bacon Costume for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, many people are struggling to find or make a good costume at the last minute. Choosing what to go as is one of the big problems. What should you do? I think you know what we will probably suggest: you should go as bacon! Probably a good idea to also mention, bacon cures hangovers. We know you are going to be out and about having fun. Remember if a house gives you bacon candy. Don’t eat it, just tell them you know how to make them thanks to the gloious Republic of Bacon. Heck, tell them to join our army. We give out a ton of free stuff all the time.

Bacon, as well as being one of the world’s most delicious foods, is also a pretty easy costume to make. All you need is some foam, paint, a glue gun, a few strips of Velcro and a few other odds and ends.

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Battle of the Sexes Over Bacon

Here at the Republic of Bacon, we are always interested in exploring the many ways we enjoy bacon. And as we’ve repeatedly seen by the comments on the Republic of Bacon Facebook page, almost every different type of person likes bacon. But are there any groups of people that like bacon more? Specifically, is it true that men like bacon more than women?

To be clear: as we said many of the people providing great tips and advice on the Republic of Bacon are women, so it’s clear that many women do like bacon. But do men like bacon just a little bit more?

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Advantages and Disadvantages to Microwaving Bacon

We’ve already discussed the benefits of using stainless steel or non-stick pans when cooking your bacon, or whether baking or frying bacon is better. But what about cooking bacon in other ways? For example, what about cooking bacon in your microwave?

Now, before you go nuts – hear me out. Microwaving food may not be the most gourmet form of cooking, but it does have a few benefits. Here are a few off the top of my head.

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Bacon Kicks MSG Butt

Bacon is delicious – there’s no doubt about that. But what about the flavour of bacon is so delicious? Describing the flavour of something that we love is often hard to do. We just love it! And as we’ve discussed before here on the Republic of Bacon, bacon’s flavour is so complex that pinning it down to one flavour is just impossible. Each piece of bacon tastes different, and every way you cook it changes its flavour in wonderful, delicious ways.

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Bacon, Science and Protein = Our Love for Bacon

Here at the Republic of Bacon, we love to offer you proof that your love of bacon is not just in your head. It’s a scientific fact that bacon is delicious. We’ve already talked a little about why the cooking of bacon makes it delicious. But what about before the cooking – does bacon start out delicious? The answer, of course, is yes. And the reason is because of the special way that bacon is prepared: its curing.

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Three Cheeses, Two Meats, One Glorious Lasagna Recipe

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You asked for it, you got it. Need I say more?

The members of the Republic of Bacon Army Fan page, kept asking for Lasagna. I thought I let the army down, I came up with the bacon cheeseburger recipe hoping to satisfy them during those winter months, I made the Bacon Poutine Supreme because I wanted something more french then the Creme Brulee. This is why I have made the Lasagna Recipe. I want to make every Facebook Fan happy to have joined this army (no draft and plenty of great food articles/recipes, WIN).

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Member of the Republic of Bacon Army Greg Martin creates a masterpiece!

On Monday this week we posted on our facebook page a truly inspiring recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Soup. Greg Martin responded “I am so making this! Who is coming over for soup?” Honorary RoB Army Member Greg Martin took the post as a challenge, creating the dish for himself. After making it he posted “I made it. Very good, but turned out really spicy. I might remove the seeds from the peppers if i make it again

We at the Republic of Bacon honor you Greg Martin, and the great job you have done. If anyone else has tried our recipes tell us what you think, and send us a picture of how it looked! Greg may have been a fan of Chef Rob before creating this recipe, but now Chef Rob is a fan of Greg as well!

How to Make Bacon Candy for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, it’s probably a good idea to start thinking of what sorts of treats you are going to serve the neighbourhood kids. Kids can be picky eaters, so it is probably a good idea to pick something you know everyone loves: bacon. But to make it more Halloween-y, why not make some candied bacon?

Making candied bacon is a lot like making it with brown sugar – but with a key difference. With brown sugar it gives it a light, sweet flavouring.

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