Win Big with Bacon Contests!

Do you have a bacon-related skill or talent that sets you apart from the average bacon lover? Do you have a recipe or bacon specialty that always leaves your dinner guests begging for more? Are you famous for your bacon art? Are your bacon skills renowned far and wide? Are you master of mistress of your own bacon domain, the undisputed champion of bacon in your community?

Then don’t languish away in obscurity, but embrace the fame and accolades that inevitably await you! It’s time to share your talents with a much wider audience and get recognized for your mastery of the bacon arts. Today, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best bacon contests going on around the world so that all our bacon-loving readers can enter. Earn fame and fortune, and have a fun and delicious time in the process!

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Bacon Love Friday: Cooking with Bacon and Booze

While I’m not exactly a gourmet chef, I’m pretty proud of my ordinary culinary creations. I find cooking a very enjoyable activity, probably because I associate it with an even more positive activity soon to come: eating. Being able to make my own bacon dishes definitely makes me a happier person, and means I always have the perfect offering to use as a reward to bribe when I need a friend to drive me to the airport of help me move. Two of the things that I love cooking with the most these days is bacon, and alcohol.

Booze is an incredibly versatile ingredient. The alcohol burns off in the cooking process, leaving behind a depth of flavour and a real richness, especially in dishes that need time to simmer or braise. Similarly, bacon adds so much to a complex dish and can elevate a really simple one. So, in honour of these two great ingredients, this Bacon Love Friday will serve as a tribute to dishes that contain both bacon and booze.

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Bacon Comfort Food

Depending on the season, we all eat differently. Every spring, I suddenly find myself craving all the lovey fresh vegetables that the season has to offer. In the summer, my taste buds develop a love for everything light and refreshing, like lots of fruits and salads, and of course the ubiquitous summer barbeque. And when a slight chill returns to the air and autumn is upon us again, the only thing that really satisfies me is comfort food.

When you think about it, bacon really is an ideal comfort food. The crunchy texture is satisfying, the salts and fats give us the indulgent feeling we crave, and the smoky flavour makes it feel like we’re doing something nice for ourselves just be eating it. So today, since it happens to be raining and the idea of staying inside and puttering around the kitchen sounds totally delightful, here are a few of my favourite bacon comfort food recipes.

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International Bacon Day

And how did you celebrate this past long-weekend, bacon lovers? Did you spend some time at the cottage, swimming in the lake or sunbathing with family and friends? Did you go camping or hiking? Or perhaps did you stay home, reading peacefully on the front porch in the morning and barbecuing in the back yard later in the day? Though it’s often a sign that summer is coming to a close (and the most ominous sign of back to school season) the long weekend at the beginning of September might be one of my favourite weekends of the year.

Of course, it’s not just the promise of cooler Autumn days and the excitement of new classes that makes this weekend extra-special, not is it just Labour Day (which takes place the first Monday of September in the United States and here in Canada). Nope, the other reason that this weekend is so special is that the Saturday of the Labour Day weekend is one of the most important North American holidays for Bacon Lovers: International Bacon Day.

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Bacon Love Friday: Bacon and Potatoes

First and foremost, let’s be clear: bacon goes with everything. There are the obvious pairings, of course: the classic bacon and egg breakfast, the timeless beauty of a bacon and tomato sandwich, the perfection that is a bacon cheeseburger. But as bacon’s popularity has exploded in the past few years, more daring chefs have proven that we need not stop at these tried-and-trusted combination, or even only think of bacon as a savoury food. With bacon being combined into milkshakes, shaped into sushi, and even drizzled with chocolate. With no end in sight to the exciting bacon combinations, sometimes a bacon lover can spend all of their time trying new and novel bacon dishes.

Every once in a while, however, you have to return to the old standbys, those traditional bacon dishes that made you fall in love with its smoky saltiness to begin with. In honour of one of my favourite combinations, for this edition of Bacon Love Friday we’re going to look at the classic combo of bacon and potatoes. Anyone who has had a baked potato loaded with butter, sour cream, bacon and chives knows this is one of the best things in the entire world.

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Winter Wonderland: Candied Bacon

Feeling Blue? Try Candied Bacon!

Candied bacon is an sweet, smoky and delicious way to creatively add bacon to even more great bacon recipes. Now that the holiday season is officially over, and everyone is returning to the regular routine of work and school, you may find yourself settling into somewhat of a post-Christmas funk. Especially now that we’re deep into January, snowy weather and early sunsets can conspire to get even the most ebullient personalities feeling a little blue.

Luckily, as with many minor cases of the doldrums, the winter blahs can easily be cured by a quick pick-me-up, courtesy of bacon. In this particular case, however, we’re going to call on the wonder of candied bacon. This sweet-and-salty concoction is becoming ever more popular in recipes these days, especially if you happen to be baking with bacon, or otherwise need to showcase bacon’s sweeter qualities. Many excellent beverages, brownies, and even salads have been created with the help of candied bacon. This sweet and crumbly ingredient is just the thing that many folks need to turn their frowns upside down and get back to feeling like they’re living in a winter wonderland!

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A Weekend Brunch with Bacon

There is nothing that says comfort and relaxation quite like a late-morning (or early afternoon) weekend brunch. After a week of running around, frantically working, and keeping appointments, treating yourself to a bacon breakfast is a well-deserved reward and an important energy boost.

Whether the rest of your Saturday is full of yard work, or will involve nothing more strenuous than curling up with a good book, a bacon-lover’s breakfast is the perfect addition to any weekend.

Here are some of my absolute favourite ways to incorporate bacon into a delicious, indulgent brunch.

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Top Bacon Cupcake Recipes

Think about it: bacon cupcakes. It was not long ago that the idea of making a bacon cupcake would seem completely bizarre, a novelty that was really just for show and humour, not really meant to be eaten and enjoyed. However, like many gonzo ideas, this one has captured the imaginations (and taste-buds!) of bacon-lovers the world over. What started as a joke has evolved into a real demand for sweet, salty, bacony confections that have turned chefs into mad scientists and bakeries into laboratories. Plus, we love making super awesome bacon recipes.

We personally can’t get enough of bacon cupcakes, and so here are some of the very best ways to add a little bacony goodness to this beloved and ever-popular dessert.

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How to Throw Your Very Own Bacon-Themed Party

Eating bacon is pretty much a party – a party in your mouth! (Yes, I just made that joke.) But sometimes it can get a little boring – and let’s face it, a little lonely – to eat bacon alone. So, what to do? Well, the obvious, silly! You should throw a party. A bacon party!

Don’t worry, I’m not just some wacky weirdo making half-baked suggestions. Some people have already gone ahead and taken the plunge. So if you feel that you need inspiration to get those party-planning juices flowing, you’re in luck. Click that link, pardner, and let’s get plannin’ your bacon fest!

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Twelve of the Best Bacon Appetizer Recipes

With summer’s clock quickly winding down (it’s almost September already?!?), we are all trying to cram as much summer fun into our warm days and nights as possible. BBQs, of course, remain the go-to get-together. But even with all of that meat and drink drawing your guests, you still have to prepare some nibblies for the wait between their steak order and when it’s finished on the grill.

With that in mind, I’ve gathered together some great bacon-related appetizer recipes. Follow us after the link for the top twelve.

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