Antony Bourdain Visits Toronto, Loves Bacon

Like many bacon lovers, I’m a huge fan of food television. While I’m not exactly a slouch with the frying pan, there are some evenings when I just don’t feel like a major food undertaking. Those nights, I’m much more likely to grab a bag of sour cream and bacon flavoured chips, put on a pair of my comfiest pyjama pants and enjoy someone else’s culinary creations for a change.

I certainly have my favourite shows, but one celebrity chef who always entertains as much as he makes my mouth water is the incomparable Anthony Bourdain.

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New Creative Bacon Snack Foods: Sundaes, Ice Cream and Chips!

Nothing says indulgence quite like a dish that features bacon. The rich, salty taste is one of those flavours that only only permeates and transforms any dish that it is added to, but immediately causes that dish to become something decadent, the best kind of comfort food. Suddenly, even a salad becomes something to dig into with gusto, a meal that is not just fuel for your body, but a reward and a pleasure.


Sometimes, though, even I wonder if there is a maximum amount of bacon that can permeate the world, a kind of bacon saturation limit. Will there ever be a time when we run out of products that can be effectively baconified? Will we ever find ourselves growing tired of this miraculous food?

Well, if a series of newly unveiled snack foods in any indication, then it seems like bacon is here to stay. The fascinating thing that links these products together as well is that, rather than ordinary foods that need sprucing up with bacon, all of these dishes are already generally considered snacks or occasionally treats. Even foods that are already indulgent can be further improved with bacon!

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April is National BLT Month!

April is truly the best month to be a bacon lover. And why is that, you may ask? Well, it turns our that the same month that Spring really comes to stay and that we celebrate Earth Day is even more fantastic: it’s also National BLT month! All month long, we get to celebrate the wonder and deliciousness of our favourite sandwich in the whole wide world, and that makes all of us at the Republic of Bacon very happy folks indeed.

The sandwich that we know as the BLT actually has quite the storied history. Did you know that it has been around since the late Victorian era, and in believed to have descended from the tea sandwiches commonly served at the time? How very proper!

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A Life With Bacon

In a recent interview with, professional skateboarder Mark Gutterman states that “A life without bacon is no life at all.” Gutterman speaks from a transitional moment in his career, at a time when all of his previous sponsors have gone out of business and new one are in the process of signing on. To weather the storm of a life in flux, he took a job in a small cafe, surrounded by the smell of bacon every day, for the comfort of it.

This interview got me thinking about my own life with bacon. It’s no big secret that I love the stuff, as I devote my time and energy to working on The Republic of Bacon to spread the bacon love as far as I can. But it is more than that. The more I think of it, the more I realize I can chart my own personal history through my ongoing love affair with bacon.

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Five Strange Baconized Forms of Transportation

Yah, yah, I know: we don’t normally think about bacon when we think of ways of getting around. But bacon has been attached to almost every conceivable thing, so it’s no surprise that the Internet (and let’s face it, real life, too) has conspired to turn many of our forms of transportation into bacon-related forms of transportation. Today, follow me on one of our strangest adventures yet as we explore the idea of bacon transportation. The list begins after the break.

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The Top 10 Best Bacon Sandwich Recipes

Well, we know you all loved our top 10 favorite breakfast bacon recipes. So today, and without further ado, here’s our list of our favourite bacon sandwich recipes. Enjoy!

1. Egg Sandwich with Spinach, Brie and Maple Bacon

Image Provided by Framed Cooks

Brie is sort of the greatest thing ever (aside from bacon). It has an incredible odour part of its charm. Melt that sucker over some bacon and I can almost (almost) overlook the fact this baby has some spinach on it. I know, I know – spinach tastes fine. It’s just that I know that bacon and spinach are mortal enemies and want to remain forever apart.

2. Candied Bacon Sandwich

Image Provided by

This one isn’t much beyond some candied bacon between a couple pieces of bread. But any excuse to eat candied bacon, and I’m willing to go for it. The plus of eating it as a sandwich means that anyone calls you on the fact you are kind of eating dessert, you can point out that it’s actually lunch.

3. Grilled Cheese, Apple and Bacon Sandwich

Image Provided by

You know how I said above that it’s irritating that a sandwich would have both bacon and spinach? This sandwich avoids the problem of spinach and bacon contact by substituting sweet apple instead. Mmmm. They use “cheese” in their recipe, but you could try using brie. Just suggesting.

4. Bacon, Fig and Pork Sandwich

Image Provided by

Yah, that’s right. Bacon and figs. DEAL WITH IT, OKAY? I’m already very angry that this is not in my mouth right this moment. I demand the universe fix this situation immediately.

5. Chipotle Guacamole and Bacon Sandwich

Image Provided

You had me at “Chipotle.” And then you sealed the deal with “Guacamole.” And, I of course knew that was the truest love that could be because bacon was clearly included in there. I’m naming my children in honour of this sandwich.

6. Bacon, Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

Image Provided

This is kind of a down home version of the Rouladen that we showcased last week, except in sandwich form. I’m particularly excited about what the pickle will do to the cheese. I can only imagine it will be breathtaking.

7. Barbecued Brisket and Bacon Sandwich

Image Provided by

This dish is sort of a bit of a cross-cultural tease. Jewish cuisine is famous for crafting beautiful briskets; however, they are also famous for not having a fondness for bacon. Clearly, someone needed to fix this situation, and I’m glad they did.

8. Elvis Bacon Sandwich

Image Provided

Elvis is famous for many things: his music, his leisure suits, his hair. But the one thing we here at the Republic of Bacon love most about him was his bacon innovation. His sandwich – the Elvis Sandwich – is a genius combination of peanut butter, bacon, bananas and marshmallow fluff. You really have to hand it to the man. He knows how to hit a home run.

9. Bacon, Pear and Brie Sandwich

Image Provided

You can tell I like bacon and cheese together, right? Yeah. I thought so.

10. Chicken Club Sandwich

Image Provided by

Any mention of great bacon sandwiches needs to save some room for a traditional chicken club sandwich. A great meal to have at brunch, lunch or dinner, it’s also a popular hangover-remedy snack. Clearly, the gods of bacon were smiling on us the day the Chicken Club sandwich was born.

Gypsy Bacon Great for Campfire Cooking

Campfire season is rapidly dwindling as the weather gets colder. However, if you do have an opportunity to go to a campfire, you might think of trying to prepare a very traditional form of bacon: Gypsy Bacon.

Like many things to do with the Gypsies, there is not much idea of where it came from. But this form of bacon cooking has been around for years, and is still practiced by Gypsies around the world. Portable and delicious, it is an easy way to prepare bacon when you are constantly moving around and do not have access to a stove.

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