Bacon and the Tale of the Million Dollar Tastebuds

Like many bacon lovers, I am profoundly grateful for my tastebuds. Every time I take a bite of a delicious BLT or sink my teeth into a perfectly crispy strip of bacon all on its own, I thank each and every lovely little bud that’s currently sending signals to my brain letting me know exactly how delicious my meal is. The humble taste bud doesn’t always get the attention that is deserves, and taste can sometimes play second fiddle to showier senses like hearing and sight. But in our opinion here at the Republic of Bacon, taste is one of the most important things in our lives, in particular because it allows us to enjoy all the wonderful things that taste like bacon.

One man, however, values his tastebuds so much that he recently had them insured for ?1 million. Keith Fisher is a butcher in the UK who has built a sterling reputation on the work of cured pork products, primarily based on his love for – and astonishing ability to taste pork products. While it might seem impossible, it turns out that Mr. Fisher can differentiate between over 50,000 cuts and cures of bacon. Yes, that number is correct. Fisher can correctly identify every single variety of bacon from every single producer in the world, from artisanal producers to huge corporations. With tastebuds like that, there is no small wonder he wants them to be protected!

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Bacon Love Friday: New Year’s Eve Canapes

For all of you bacon fans out there planning your own New Year’s Eve bash, in today’s Edition of Bacon Love Friday we’ve put together a list of the very best canapes to help you all host your own party of the decade!

For many bacon lovers out there, it is officially the end of the holiday season. After all the Christmas parties and family gatherings and present opening bonanzas are over, for many folks it is time to return to the real world (perhaps a few pants sizes bigger). Most of us have even finished hitting up all the boxing week sales, bargain hunting and even getting a start on next year’s Christmas shopping. Even so, the holidays are winding down and normalcy beckons.

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Bacon Love Friday’s: Bacon and Macaroni to MC Escher Bacon

The summer is rapidly dwindling away. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to any of the fun things I planned to do. You know, like riding a bike along the beach, relaxing at a cottage, hiking along a trail or skydiving nude from an airplane.I have spent most of my evenings dipping rasher after rasher of finely cooked bacon into a beer and watching the sunset. I suppose that’s something. So in these last dying days, let’s take our minds off summer’s inevitable end by thinking only of the crazy bacon things that have happened this week. The full details after the jump.

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The Seven Best Bacon and Pizza Recipes

Pizza. It makes you think of Italy, fat opera singers ironing things while singing – perhaps a few gondolas. Or maybe you think of the hard-bitten streets of New York or Chicago, and eating slices of pizza while hunched over little round tables. Or maybe, like me, it makes you think of bacon. I was actually trying to find the best bacon wrapped scallops recipe, but decided I’d settle for some pizza.

I think we can agree that bacon and pizza go together like hockey and hot wings. So I think it’s about time we ran down the top bacon and pizza recipes . Click the link to take a bite of all this bacony za.

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Twelve of the Best Bacon Appetizer Recipes

With summer’s clock quickly winding down (it’s almost September already?!?), we are all trying to cram as much summer fun into our warm days and nights as possible. BBQs, of course, remain the go-to get-together. But even with all of that meat and drink drawing your guests, you still have to prepare some nibblies for the wait between their steak order and when it’s finished on the grill.

With that in mind, I’ve gathered together some great bacon-related appetizer recipes. Follow us after the link for the top twelve.

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Bacon Love Friday: European Bacon and Egg Pie – YUM!

We’ve entered the dog days of summer. If you haven’t escaped to the cottage recently, I think you should think about doing it: it’s only going to get hotter, and we all need a break from the city or suburbs. But while we’ve all been frying like bacon on the sidewalk, I’ve been hustling to find the best bacon-related news under this excruciatingly hot sun.

Follow me after the break to find out why the Europeans will soon have tastier bacon, and find out where knowledgeable baconistas go to get their bacon wallpaper. Enjoy!

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Hazelnut Spread Covered Peppered Bacon Recipe – Bacon Candy

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I proved to you during the scallop instalments that bacon literally goes with everything (bacon and scallops with hazelnut spread). I will show you in this instalment  how well bacon and hazelnut spread go together.


Now, I must admit this is not a Chef Rob original. This recipe comes to us from a lovely woman named Paula who loves hazelnut spread just as much as I do. The recipe was so perfectly simple and elegant that I couldn’t change it. Now I didn’t have any fleur de sel, but go ahead and add it to your list if you do. The recipe reminds me a lot of Andrew back bacons How to Make Bacon Candy for Halloween.

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Hot New Bacon Trend: Ron Swanson Bacon Fanart

Are you all watching Parks and Recreation? No? Well, if you aren’t, you probably should. I think it’s probably one of the funniest shows on television. And one of my favourite characters is Ron Swanson: he’s the gruff boss who hates everything about his job and about local government. Pretty sure Ron would love the Best Burger Recipes I created a few days ago.

What he does love is the more manly pursuits in life: watching classic war movies, drinking Scotch, and most relevant to our interests – eating bacon. In fact, his love of bacon has started to turn him into a bit of a bacon celebrity. After the jump, I’ll show you some of the ways in which his Internet bacon fame is spreading.

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Bacon Love Fridays: From Ron Swanson Bacon Ice Cream to Elvis

It was the summer solstice a few days ago, so we’ve officially (finally!) entered the dog days of summer. So my question to you is: why are you looking at this computer screen? You should be out whooping it up somewhere fun and hot and full of bacon. But before you go, check out our favourite bacon links of the week. It’ll get you into the proper mood to enjoy a great summer weekend.

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Five Strange Baconized Forms of Transportation

Yah, yah, I know: we don’t normally think about bacon when we think of ways of getting around. But bacon has been attached to almost every conceivable thing, so it’s no surprise that the Internet (and let’s face it, real life, too) has conspired to turn many of our forms of transportation into bacon-related forms of transportation. Today, follow me on one of our strangest adventures yet as we explore the idea of bacon transportation. The list begins after the break.

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