Hot Bacon Beverages

As much as it pains me to say it, the time of iced coffees and cold everything is sadly over. There’s something about a latte when its on ice that makes me forget I’m drinking enough caffeine to make my heart feel like it’s going to explode, which somehow makes me feel less guilty. That said, with the changing of the coffee shop guard from summer to autumn, hot beverages (many with delicious fall themes) are back in style. And you know what goes brilliantly with hot, tasty drinks? That’s right, bacon!

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Winter Wonderland: Candied Bacon

Feeling Blue? Try Candied Bacon!

Candied bacon is an sweet, smoky and delicious way to creatively add bacon to even more great bacon recipes. Now that the holiday season is officially over, and everyone is returning to the regular routine of work and school, you may find yourself settling into somewhat of a post-Christmas funk. Especially now that we’re deep into January, snowy weather and early sunsets can conspire to get even the most ebullient personalities feeling a little blue.

Luckily, as with many minor cases of the doldrums, the winter blahs can easily be cured by a quick pick-me-up, courtesy of bacon. In this particular case, however, we’re going to call on the wonder of candied bacon. This sweet-and-salty concoction is becoming ever more popular in recipes these days, especially if you happen to be baking with bacon, or otherwise need to showcase bacon’s sweeter qualities. Many excellent beverages, brownies, and even salads have been created with the help of candied bacon. This sweet and crumbly ingredient is just the thing that many folks need to turn their frowns upside down and get back to feeling like they’re living in a winter wonderland!

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Bacon Love Friday: New Year’s Eve Canapes

For all of you bacon fans out there planning your own New Year’s Eve bash, in today’s Edition of Bacon Love Friday we’ve put together a list of the very best canapes to help you all host your own party of the decade!

For many bacon lovers out there, it is officially the end of the holiday season. After all the Christmas parties and family gatherings and present opening bonanzas are over, for many folks it is time to return to the real world (perhaps a few pants sizes bigger). Most of us have even finished hitting up all the boxing week sales, bargain hunting and even getting a start on next year’s Christmas shopping. Even so, the holidays are winding down and normalcy beckons.

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How to Throw Your Very Own Bacon-Themed Party

Eating bacon is pretty much a party – a party in your mouth! (Yes, I just made that joke.) But sometimes it can get a little boring – and let’s face it, a little lonely – to eat bacon alone. So, what to do? Well, the obvious, silly! You should throw a party. A bacon party!

Don’t worry, I’m not just some wacky weirdo making half-baked suggestions. Some people have already gone ahead and taken the plunge. So if you feel that you need inspiration to get those party-planning juices flowing, you’re in luck. Click that link, pardner, and let’s get plannin’ your bacon fest!

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Squeezable Bacon: Not Just A Joke Anymore

I am big on convenience. That is why I make the best waffle recipe with bacon. I like bacon mainly (well, aside from its tastiness) because it is super-convenient. What other meat has been cut for you even before you have opened up the packet? (And don’t give me that lunch meat guff – no one should be comparing a cold slab of baloney to freakin’ bacon!) Bacon oozes convenience.

You can even microwave it! But some people feel that it doesn’t ooze enough. And with my very skilful lead-in there, we come to the nutty world of squeezable bacon: apparently, it’s not just a practical joke anymore. We’ll spread some of this crazy bacon news your way after the jump.

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Bacon Love Friday’s: Bacon and Macaroni to MC Escher Bacon

The summer is rapidly dwindling away. I feel like I didn’t get a chance to any of the fun things I planned to do. You know, like riding a bike along the beach, relaxing at a cottage, hiking along a trail or skydiving nude from an airplane.I have spent most of my evenings dipping rasher after rasher of finely cooked bacon into a beer and watching the sunset. I suppose that’s something. So in these last dying days, let’s take our minds off summer’s inevitable end by thinking only of the crazy bacon things that have happened this week. The full details after the jump.

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Twelve of the Best Bacon Appetizer Recipes

With summer’s clock quickly winding down (it’s almost September already?!?), we are all trying to cram as much summer fun into our warm days and nights as possible. BBQs, of course, remain the go-to get-together. But even with all of that meat and drink drawing your guests, you still have to prepare some nibblies for the wait between their steak order and when it’s finished on the grill.

With that in mind, I’ve gathered together some great bacon-related appetizer recipes. Follow us after the link for the top twelve.

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How to Make Bacon Turtles

I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you about these guys. It’s not that I felt you haven’t been ready. Okay, maybe I have. But it’s just that these are so nut-tacular (it’s a word – look it up), that I haven’t felt completely happy telling an unprepared Republic of Bacon fanbase about them. What am I so expertly beating around the bush about? Why, it’s none other than this: bacon turtles. It might just be the best Bacon Recipe.

Like any time I dangle such a crazy bacony idea like this in front of you, I’m going to ask you to jump past the break to find out more about it. The jump has a ton of information on how to actually make these awesome Bacon Turtles. I tried to make one but mine literally caught on fire. Turns out you shouldn’t make these over a campfire… while you are at the dock. Learn from my lesson and watch these littel ‘turtles’ carefully. More after teh jump.

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Bacon Love Friday: European Bacon and Egg Pie – YUM!

We’ve entered the dog days of summer. If you haven’t escaped to the cottage recently, I think you should think about doing it: it’s only going to get hotter, and we all need a break from the city or suburbs. But while we’ve all been frying like bacon on the sidewalk, I’ve been hustling to find the best bacon-related news under this excruciatingly hot sun.

Follow me after the break to find out why the Europeans will soon have tastier bacon, and find out where knowledgeable baconistas go to get their bacon wallpaper. Enjoy!

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What is Canadian Bacon?

Since a lot of this blog’s audience is Canadian and we have some Americans, we often get questions about this mysterious food product that circulates North of the 49th parallel, forever out of reach of our American bacon friends’ reach. What, exactly, is Canadian bacon?

Unfortunately, making things worse for our American friends is the fact that they have something already in their grocery departments that makes the absurd claim that it is Canadian bacon, but it’s actually something else entirely. Today, on the Republic of Bacon, we delve into this matter and try to pull out the juicy truth of it all. Follow us after the break as we tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Canadian bacon.

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