How to Use a Vertical Charcoal Smoker

how to use a vertical charcoal smoker

If you are new to using vertical charcoal smokers, you might be wondering how to use one correctly. Or, you have tried to use one, but your meat didn’t come out smoked. 

How are you going to use a vertical charcoal smoker correctly? This is the big question that so many people are asking. With this guide, you will know exactly how to use the smoker and to get the best-smoked food at the end of the day. You just need to consider all these and make sure that you are remembering that practice makes perfect. 

Prepare the Meat or Food First

how to use a masterbuilt vertical charcoal smoker

The first step that you need to do, is to prepare the meat or food that you want to smoke first. This can take a bit long, and it might result in your charcoal smoker becoming cold. 

You need to prepare your meat, by adding the right spices, and leave it overnight if it is necessary. You will need to follow your recipe because different meats and foods need different preparation for getting smoked. And, different people like to add different ingredients to their smoked food. 

Start Up the Fire, and Adding the Wood Chips

With the food prepared, you can now start up the fire or charcoal. And, you should add the wood chips as well. Some smokers have their compartment for the chips, while others have the same compartment for both the charcoal and the chips. 

You should make sure that you are going to wait until you reach the right temperature before you are opening the smoker up. If you have temperature control on the smoker, then it will be a lot easier to see when the temperature is reached. 

When the Right Temperature Has Been Reached

how to use a brinkmann vertical charcoal smoker

By following your recipe, you will know when the right temperature has been reached. This is when you need to open the smoker, and add the meat to the smoker. You should just be careful not to burn and need to space out the food and meat so that they aren’t too close to each other.

The parts that are touching each other will not get smoked correctly, and it will leave the meat raw. You should also make sure that you are going to make sure that the temperature stays correct. Even, if this means that you need to adjust the amount of charcoal throughout the process.

Some people are adding meat to the smoker before they start the fire. They are doing this so that they don’t need to open the smoker to insert the meat once it reaches the right temperature.

Rotating the Meat Halfway Through

When you are about halfway through the smoking process, you will need to rotate the meat. You don’t want to leave the meat on just one side in the smoker. It is important that you are rotating it to the other side once.

Don’t do this more than once. You don’t want to open the smoker too much, because the smoke and heat will escape. This is why we are saying that you should wait until your meat is halfway through the smoking process before you turn the meat around.

For a first-timer, it might be hard to know when you can turn the meat around, but at the end of the day, with experience, you will learn how long it takes. A tip to remember is that the larger the piece of meat, the longer it will take to get smoked all the way through. 

Ensure That Temperature Stays Constant

how to use a vertical offset charcoal smoker

The last thing that you want, is to not watch the temperature of your smoker. If the smoker cools down, you are going to have some problems. Then, you will need to heat the smoker again, adding the wood chips and starting all over again. This will let the food and meat take a lot longer to be smoked than normal.

You must be constantly checking the temperature and adding charcoal if needed. This is the same as the wood chips. It might be needed to add some of the chips during the smoking process. If the chips are finished, there will not be enough smoke for smoking the meat. This is why with a charcoal smoker, you need to stay with the smoker, enjoying time with friends and family. You can’t just start the smoking process and forget about it.

These are some tips on how you use a vertical smoker. It is essential that you are going to use the smoker correctly if you want to have the best tasting smoked meat. It is also a great idea to make sure that you are going to find a great smoking recipe, in the beginning, to be able to learn how to smoke different food. 

Best Things to Smoke in a Smoker

best things to smoke in a smoker

You have purchased your new smoker. Now, you are wondering what you can put in your smoker. Is this only some meat that you can smoke, or are there different things that you can smoke in your smoker? This is a question that many people are asking. 

The good news is that there are many things that you can smoke in your smoker. Most food that you can think off can be smoked. However, there are some tips and guides that you need to follow.

With this, you don’t need to wonder anymore about what things you can smoke in a smoker. You will know what is the best thing you can smoke, to make the most out of your smoker. 

Is a Smoker Only for Smoking Meat?

best things to smoke in a electric smoker

Is a smoker only for smoking meat? A question that many new smoker owners are asking. The good news is that you can smoke more than only meat. And, it doesn’t really matter what type of smoker you have. 

Every smoker allows you to smoke a variety of different food. Making it versatile and great to use. The secret is that you need to know what the best food for your smoker is, and how to smoke it correctly. Then, you will become a pro in smoking a variety of meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. 

Any Meat and Poultry Can Be Smoked

When it comes to meat and poultry, you can basically smoke anything you want. Fish is also a really popular dish to smoke. There is just a couple of basic information that you need to know.

With poultry, you need to make sure that the meat is reaching a certain temperature. You will need to make sure that you are going to reach the right temperatures to kill all bacteria in the meat. This is one thing about poultry.

It can be dangerous to consume when the meat isn’t cooked all the way through. Any poultry needs to be at a certain temperature before you can declare it safe to consume. 

Fruit and Vegetables

best things to smoke in a bradley smoker

If you never have tried smoked fruit and vegetables, then this is the time to start. There is a huge selection of fruit and vegetables that you can actually smoke. And, it tastes great.

The only problem is that some of the smokers don’t have a solid smoking platform, and the fruit can be too small to put on the smoking rack. This can cause some problems. Especially if the fruit decreases in size as it is getting smoked.

You need to make sure that this is something that you are considering when you are looking for fruit and vegetables to smoke. It is also a great idea to try different flavor smoking chips when vegetables are getting smoked. 

Some Other Food That Can Be Smoked

Now, you might wonder if there is any other food that you can use to smoke your food. Food that you can try that will let you use your smoker a lot more. There are many everyday foods that you can consider smoking if you are in the mood for something different.

Things like your polonies, your eggs, Oysters and even hard cheese are all samples of things that can be smoked. Making it easier for you to try different flavors and to change the taste of your favorite food.

Again, you just need to make sure that you are aware of the food that might need a solid plate for smoking, and that might give you problems when you are smoking it on a rack where the food might fall through. 

Tips When You Want to Smoke Different Foods

best things to smoke in a gas smoker

There are a couple of things that you need to consider and think about when you want to smoke a variety of food. Each food type needs to have a different heat temperature. Some food might taste better with flavored smoking chips. And, then there is the food that will taste bitter if you are smoking it too long.

It can be great to smoke different food when you have your smoker. Trying different food is fun, but it can have its own problems as well. You should just remember that different food needs different smoking times and heat temperatures.

And, that some food should never be smoked. You will be surprised about how a normal dish can change, just because you have smoked it.There is a variety of food that you can smoke in your smoker. And, it doesn’t matter what type of smoker you actually have. One thing is for sure.

You will have fun experimenting with the different foods that you can smoke, and how it can change the taste of the food. You just might want to do a bit more research in order for you to know what food should not be smoked at all.

How to Use a Smoker Box

how to use a smoker box

The first thing that you might think, is that the smoker box is another type of smoker that you can use to smoke your meat or other food options. Even, if this is something that you can add for smoking, this isn’t a smoker. There are many reasons why a person would want to purchase the smoker box.

Before you are now going to run to the store and purchase a smoker box, you need to make sure that you know what a smoker box is, and that you have the right grill or smoker to use a smoker box with. Too many people are purchasing the box, just to find that they can’t use it correctly. These are the things that you should make sure about the smoker box. 

What is a Smoker Box?

how to use a smoker box on a gas grill

It is essential to know that a smoker box isn’t a smoker that works independently to get smoking meat and other food options. This is a tool that you can use with a normally closed lid grill or a smoker for added smoke, and to turn a griller into a smoker.

You will need to make sure that there is available space for a smoker box, or you can add the box inside the grill on the rack if there isn’t available space for the box on the outside. In the smoker box, you can add the chips or wood that will turn your grill into a smoker. In your smoker, you can add smoking chips or wood. Both will work perfectly with the smoker box. 

Preparing Your Smoker Box Before You Start Smoking Your Meat

The first step in using your smoker box is that you need to prepare the smoker box before you start smoking your meat. There are a couple of things that you need to do, for you to be able to use the smoker box.

You will need to fill it up with high-quality smoking chunks or smoking chips. It isn’t recommended that you are using regular wood inside the smoker box. You can use flavored smoking chips without any problems. Using normal wood isn’t recommended because you will not get the right results.  

Adding the Smoker Box to Your Grill or Smoker

how to use a smoker box on a gas bbq

Now, that your smoker box is full of smoker chips, you should add it to your smoker or your grill. If there isn’t much space for adding it to the grill, you can always put it directly on the charcoal.  It will still work correctly, you will just have a difficult time to refill the box if the chips are burned through. The box will be warm and you will need to be careful not to burn yourself.

It is most recommended that you should add the box in the food compartment next to the food. This will give you the most benefits. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put it directly on the charcoal. 

Refill Box as Needed

Depending on the type of meat that you are grilling, you might need to refill the box regularly. This is essential to do if you want to have your meat smoked correctly.

But, as we said before, you need to be careful with refilling the box. The box will be hot and you need to be careful not to burn yourself in the process. This is the one thing that many people hate about the smoker box. They don’t like the risk of getting burned. 

Enjoy Smoked Meat, Even on a Grill

how to use a smoker box on charcoal grill

This is a great thing about the smoker box. You can have smoked meat or any other food, even if you don’t have a smoker. All that you will need is your smoker box, smoker chips, and a grill that closes. 

Then, you will have the best and easiest way to grill and smoke your meat and meals without any problem. And, with practice, you will be able to enjoy a variety of different meats and food that is perfectly smoked. 

Tips to Remember With a Smoker Box

People are worried that if they are placing the smoker box directly onto the charcoal, it will start to burn and become a fire. This isn’t going to happen. The smoke needs oxygen to turn into a fire. And, with the closed grill, this isn’t something that is going to happen. So, there aren’t any worries about the smoker box catching flames. 

If you have a grill, but you are looking for a smoker as well, then you don’t need to purchase the most expensive smoker as well. You can just make use of a smoker box that you are adding to your closed griller. And, with the right wood chips, and some practice you will have some of the best-smoked meals you ever tasted.

Bacon Cooking 101: How to Cook Bacon?

How To Cook Bacon

So you love eating bacon but haven’t the slightest clue about how to properly cook it, or perhaps cook it all for that matter? Be not afraid anymore! In this article, I’ll show you some of the basic steps to cooking that perfect piece of bacon every time.

Remember, as with anything you learn to do, this is not an exhaustive list – feel free to incorporate your own style and own ideas when making your bacon. I personally love to add a bit of personality into my bacon and you’ll see how later in this article.

5 Easy Steps/tricks to Follow When Cook Bacon

how to cook bacon in the oven

Here are 5 easy steps/tricks to follow to ensure you’re well on the way to cooking bacon properly and ensuring the best results.

1. If the bacon is still refrigerated, be sure to take it out and allow it to thaw for at least 30 minutes before cooking it. This will ensure that the bacon can be separated easily without breaking.

2. Keep a close watch on your bacon! Bacon can burn very, very quickly – especially older bacon! The fresher the bacon, the longer it’ll take to burn, and vice-versa.

3. The fat extrapolated from the cooked bacon is actually extremely useful! Many chefs and cooks like to use it as a cooking oil because of its rich flavor. For this reason, when finished cooking you can allow the oil to cool to room temperature and store it in a glass container in the fridge for later use.

4. Thinner pieces = crispier bacon. Keep this in my mind if you like your bacon crispy as I do!

5. Bacon has a tendency to “splatter” while being cooked. Don’t rush the cooking! Use a low heat, and turn the bacon often to avoid splatter!

What Are the Rules You Should Remember When Cooking Bacon?

how to cook bacon in the microwave

These rules generally apply to cook bacon on a stove or oven, however, many people also prefer to grill their bacon. I definitely endorse this as it usually results in a crispier end result, which I absolutely love! When grilling bacon:

  1. In keeping with the same rule of thumb when cooking bacon on the stove or oven, preheat the grill to a relatively cool temperature. (around 300-350F should suffice)
  2. Place the thawed bacon horizontally across the grill.
  3. Flip the bacon every five to twenty minutes.

Another nice facet of cooking bacon on a grill is that there is little cleanup as compared to cooking on a stove or oven – all the grease/fat simply drips to the base of the grill!

Conclusion: Practice is the Most Important

That’s pretty well it! The nice thing about bacon is that it’s a relatively quick and easy food to cook, and it tastes delicious!

There are a lot of different techniques to roughly alter the taste so that everyone’s bacon tastes a little different. For example, I actually put a sprinkle of sugar, that’s right, sugar on my bacon. It gives it a perfect hint of salty and sweet and it’s a unique touch that I’ve only received positive compliments about!

Don’t take my word for it, however; do you have any unique tricks when it comes to cooking bacon? Let’s hear it!