How to Make a Bacon Costume for Halloween

How To Make A Bacon Costume For Halloween

With Halloween coming up, many people are struggling to find or make a good costume at the last minute. Choosing what to go as is one of the big problems. What should you do? I think you know what we will probably suggest: you should go as bacon! Probably a good idea to also mention, bacon cures hangovers. We know you are going to be out and about having fun. Remember if a house gives you bacon candy. Don’t eat it, just tell them you know how to make them thanks to the gloious Republic of Bacon. Heck, tell them to join our army. We give out a ton of free stuff all the time.

Bacon, as well as being one of the world’s most delicious foods, is also a pretty easy costume to make. All you need is some foam, paint, a glue gun, a few strips of Velcro and a few other odds and ends. Here’s how to make your bacon costume:

1. Get two pieces of foam that are large enough to fit on either side of you as the slabs of bacon. Try to get them roughly in the same shape as you, too – long on one end and short on the other. Getting foam that is roughly the same shape as you will cut down on your work.

2. Put the foam on the ground and lie down on it so that your feet hang off it. Draw a circle where your face will go (try not to make it too big or it’ll slide off your head) and indicate on the foam where your arms will stick out on the sides. You might need help doing this!

3. Cut out the face hole. Glue the costume together at the top and along the top sides until you get where the arms should be. You might want to try putting your head in the hole before you glue – you want to make sure you are leaving enough room for you!

4. Cut the edges of the foam to make it look as curvy as real bacon.

5. Glue one side together from the bottom of your arm hole to the bottom of the slice. Once again, you want to make sure you’ve left enough room for your body – the foam will be a bit rounded. You’ll also want to add lots of glue to avoid any exploding costume mishaps.

6. On the other side of your bacon, apply your Velcro strips. This is where you will get in and out of your costume.

7. You can free-hand spray paint your costume, but if you want a really accurate look, create a template. Since you want to avoid getting tape stuck to your foam, cutting a template out of plastic and then pinning it to the foam will work best. You can use a drop sheet or other large piece of plastic like an opened garbage bag.

8. Pin down the template and spray your paint. You’ll do this several times. You’ll want to use at least three colours: red, pink and white. For each colour, do at least two coats. If after you have finished painting, you feel that the bacon looks too cartoony, consider spray painting a light spray of light brown all over the costume.

9. Your costume is done!

If you can find an egg costume for your loved one, you can always go as breakfast. But if your loved one is anything like you, you should probably make a second bacon costume for him or her.

What do you think of the bacon costume? Are you going to go as bacon for Halloween?

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