Homemade Bacon Butter Recipe

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  • Preparation Time:
    Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 5 min
Homemade Bacon Butter Recipe

Don’t be scared. I know this sounds overwhelming. It may seem overwhelming for multiple reasons. Making your own butter? Sounds ridiculous. Bacon in your butter? Sounds fantastically mind blowing that you probably can’t handle its awesomeness.

Don’t fret, young Republic of Baconites, this needs to be in everyone’s household. All you need is an electric mixer of some sort – a hand blender, a food processor or a stand mixer. Each work equally well. Heck, you could even do it by hand by shaking a jar. You’d get one hell of a workout, too!

But, seriously, this NEEDS to be in your house right now. Imagine spreading butter with a hint of bacon smokiness over your morning toast, or pancakes, or waffles or at dinner with your bread or on your sandwich or in any dish that you need butter in.

And if you’ve never tasted homemade butter by itself, this will be a truly magnificent treat – homemade butter has such subtlety that you can’t get in store-bought stuff. This is true household staple and only requires two ingredients!


4 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

2-3 cups Heavy Cream (Depending on how much butter you want to make)

Ice water, for rinsing


1. Grab your bacon strips and pulse them in your food processor to get nice tiny pieces…

2. … And fry those little guys until they’re crispy. DON’T DISCARD THE RENDERED FAT. WE WANT THAT!

3. In the bowl of a stand mixer (or regular bowl if you’re using a hand blender, or in your food processor) dump in all your cream.

4. Beat that stuff on high while slowly drizzling in your bacon and rendered fat for the first 25 seconds. Continue to beat your cream (with the whisk attachment) for somewhere in the range of 3-6 minutes until the milk separates from the fat.

This will go through a few stages: whipped cream, then stiff whipped cream, then somewhat of a scrambled egg texture, then all of a sudden the fat will separate. You’ll know its time when your stand mixer starts making a huge mess – I kept a towel over the opening of the stand mixer to prevent my counter being covered in buttermilk. Also, I switched to the paddle attachment at the end just to coax out the last bit of buttermilk.

5. Pour off the buttermilk from the fat. You can discard this if you want, but I highly recommend saving it and putting it in tomorrow’s pancakes or waffles. This will be the most delicious buttermilk you’ll ever have.

6. Add in about a quarter cup of ice-cold water (the colder the better) to the butter. Mix the butter around in the water with a fork or a spatula for a minute (I used both) to rinse the butter of any remaining buttermilk. Discard the water and repeat the process.

7. Continue to rinse with cold water until the water no longer turns cloudy. By taking out all the buttermilk from the butter, it removes the slight sour taste from the butter, and makes the butter last longer in the fridge.

8. Pack your butter into your favourite container and eat it on anything you could imagine.

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