Top 25 Amazing Bacon Dessert Recipes

We’ve been doing this so long that I feel like I’ve seen every possible bacon dessert out there. I’m sure I’m wrong though – every day I see something new about bacon that I couldn’t have possibly considered before. Because I’ve seen so many, I thought it would be helpful to give you a wrap-up of twenty-five of the best Bacon Desserts.

But hey! If you know of some more, comment below. This list is in no specific ranking order and yes I included our bacon dessert recipes. Why? Because Chef Rob is awesome and makes the best bacon recipes in the world. Chef Rob bribed me to say that, I’d say he is second best… Chef Massimo Capra is the best.

The full list appears after the break.

Top 25 Amazing Bacon Dessert Recipes

1. In one of our first posts, we told you about the delicious benefits of making bacon candy. This remains one of the best ways to incorporate bacon into desert.

2. Chocolate-covered bacon is the next step in dessertifying bacon.

3. If you make this one, you might spend the next few hours picking bacon toffee out of your teeth. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

4. Bacon Brownies. Before it gets eaten, bacon has a single last request: that it can be sprinkled into some brownie batter.

5. If you are a fan of bacon brownies, why not try adding some Bourbon? (Only recommended if you are over 18. Under 18, just add more bacon.)

6. This recipe wisely just sticks to the basics of good brownie construction: peanut butter, bacon and beer.

7. While we’re talking about peanut butter, there is nothing preventing you from putting bacon in your peanut brittle.

8. Our good friend Chef Rob kindly suggested this recipe for Caramel Bacon Donuts.

9. But it’s never a bad idea to give your donuts a little Canadian zing. Try making some maple bacon donuts. Or you could make some maple bacon donuts the next time you are at Tim Hortons.

10. Another Canadian treat, Nanaimo bars, can also handle a bit of bacon.

11. The cupcake craze has engulfed bacon, with tasty results. This recipe is for maple bacon cupcakes.

12. And this one is for chocolate bacon cupcakes.

13. This cake looks like bacon, but actually is just cake.

14. Our friends at Mr Baconpants give us this recipe for bacon cheesecake.

15. I wish I could eat this bacon bread pudding right now.

16. David Lebovitz has a very precise and informative recipe that describes how to make bacon ice cream.

17. Once again, Chef Rob gives us the gold with this delicious Caramel Brownie Chocolate Fudge Bacon Sundae Extravaganza.

18. One of the first bacon desserts to spread through the Internet was bacon ginger snaps.

19. Everyone knows that chocolate chip cookies and bacon go together like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. (Minus the many adopted children.)

20. Flag this recipe and save it for next Thanksgiving: Bacon Pumpkin Pie.

21. Our American friends will certainly appreciate the bacon apple pie.

22. Our Greek friends will probably prefer the bacon baklava.

23. The French will inevitably prefer bacon brioche.

24. The camping aficionados will love the bacon smore.

25. But I, on the other hand, am pretty much in love with these bacon cinnamon rolls.

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