Top 7 Bacon Costumes for Halloween

Top 7 Bacon Costumes For Halloween

The other day, we showed you how to make Halloween bacon costumes. Today, we’re going to feature some of the best bacon costumes we could find on the net. Not only that we have a costume we found from over 100 years ago that pays tribute to our lovely meat product. We saved it for last. We have compiled the best bacon costumes the web has to offer.

Now we could have expanded the list to feature Top 10 Bacon costumes or even Top 20 bacon costumes. What we found was a ton of people buying store bought (bacon and eggs) costumes.

We wanted to see some original material; we wanted to see the true bacon fanatics. I also wanted to recruit them to our Republic of Bacon Army.

Now on to Our Top 7 Best Bacon Costumes around the World Wide Web.

1. Otto

otto Bacon Costumes

Otto went the route that we suggested – making the bacon costume out of foam. Otto went with a more brown colour than we were thinking. I suppose he wanted to make his bacon look more crispy and cooked than raw. I think the costume was a success – he certainly seems happy. And being bacon means you get to make a whole bunch of silly puns and jokes for the entire night. This photo here is labelled “Canadian bacon.” Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

2. Courtney and Matt

Courtney and Matt Bacon Costumes

Courtney and Matt are showing off what looks like a store-bought bacon and egg costume. You can order something similar from this site here. It might be too late to order anything from the Internet for Halloween, but you might want to think about getting a set just in case. Maybe you’ll need something for a last minute costume party in the future. And it’s always great to have a matching costume with your partner.

3. Connor and Pal

Connor and Pal Bacon Costumes

Of course, you don’t even need the eggs part of the equation. You and your friend can go as bacon and bacon! More bacon = more goodness. These fellows also created a completely different type of bacon costume. It looks like it is made out of fabric, and it has been sewn together on the sides. The fatty goodness of the bacon has been created with off-white pieces of felt that are glued on. It just goes to show that there are many ways to make a good bacon costume.

4. Baby Bacon

Bacon ain’t just for adults. Why not make a costume for the baby in your life. As Andrea C. explains on her flickr, it’s pretty easy to make, “It’s made of felt. One long red strip about 18 inches wide and one long tan strip cut to look like fat. It’s sewed up the sides, leaving room for arm holes and leg motion. There are pipe cleaners above his shoulders to hold it up straight.” If you are a sewing whiz, this might be just the last minute costume for your little one.

5. Alexuma

Alexuma Bacon Costumes

If you are really pressed for time, and you are terrible at cutting and putting together fabric and foam, you can make a costume out of cardboard or some other stiff material. Bacon is, after all, instantly recognizable by its shape and generally browny-pink colour. This woman appears to have gone as an egg with strips of bacon on it. Bravo! Let’s face it: if you incorporate bacon in any way into your costume, you know people will love it.

6. Dog Costumes

Dog Costumes

Don’t forget your dog! They probably want to join you in your love of bacon. provides instructions on how to make a bacon costume for your dog out of felt. We guarantee that everyone will adore your pooch if he or she is wearing these bacon strips.

By far the weirdest image I found was the black and white image from an old costume.The image is via Black and WTF, the image caption says the costume was made by the author of fancy dress. The costume took first place in in the Forty Guineas Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball in 1894. Further proving that our love and fascination with bacon has been around for over 100 years.

Forty Guineas Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball Bacon

So, there you go: some more bacony ideas for Halloween costumes. Do you have any bacon costume ideas? How can you incorporate your love of bacon into your Halloween costume?

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